D.I.O. & HGTV Stars Team Up!

I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be collaborating with home improvement power couple and HGTV “Beach Flip” stars, Nick Karakaian & Sarah Roussos-Karakaian, as Design Assistant!

I met Sarah about 8 years ago when I worked on the National Tour of “Hairspray” as an actor. I was leaving the tour as she was joining the cast so we missed actually working together, but we kept in touch over the years. As the seed for D.I.O. was germinating a few months ago, I saw Sarah and Nick (who I hadn’t even met yet) had started their company called Nestrs and were recently on an HGTV show called “Beach Flip.” (CLICK HERE to see them in action!) I knew someone on HGTV! How cool was that?! So, I reached out and offered to help out with any future projects in exchange for some more hands-on experience with design and construction. I had done some set building (thank you Jekyll Island Musical Theatre Festival!) and had a good foundation working with various tools and light construction, but needed a brush up on those skills and learning the more intricate things like drywall and tiling. Well, we all clicked instantly and seemed to work really well together very quickly, so it seems it was meant to be.

What I love about Nick is that he is so incredibly knowledgeable about so many things as well as he's an amazing teacher. He’s also a super nice guy and wicked smart to boot. Can’t wait to learn all I can from a true jack-of-all-trades. And then there’s Sarah. Sarah and I were basically “bahsties” at first sight. We love to laugh and have fun but we are also total detail-driven workaholic perfectionists who can geek out like no other when it comes to anything design related. To say I’ve met my match, is an understatement! These two are taking over the world, and I’m happy to help them do so. #worldredominationrenovation

Our first collaboration was on their airbnb rental property at their gorgeous home in Astoria, Queens. It’s an adorable studio space with separate entrance and they had already done an incredible renovation of the bathroom, but the main living space needed some love. I learned the beginnings of drywall, thanks to the expertise (and patience!) of Nick, and Sarah and I came up with a fun reclaimed wood project that would be the focal point of the room over the bed. It took awhile to put the puzzle pieces together, but we were very happy with how it turned out. Not only is it fun, interesting, and useful with the shelves but cost-effective as well as we took advantage of spare wood Nick and Sarah had leftover from previous renovations. (You should SEE their kitchen!)

Currently we are working with 3 clients to design and implement in the next 5-6 weeks or so and we are super stoked about it. Stay tuned for the latest from D.I.O. Designs and Nestrs #worlddominationrenovations. And check out more about the adorable dynamic design duo Nick and Sarah at: www.nestrs.com

Designingly Yours, David


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