Debrah is home!

This was really one of the first projects that inspired me to create DIO and really start pursuing this as another artistic outlet. It was something SUPER easy, had maximum impact, and was completely fun and original. The definition of a "conversation piece", for sure!

New York is the strangest place for so many reason, but one thing that can true exemplify this is what you'll see out on the curb before trash day. I've seen many a crazy things, one of the best being the same night I found Debrah. Actually, the reason I saw Debrah was because something caught my eye. Pictured on the right is a one-armed baby a sink. Yep. Baby Jesus. In a sink. One arm. #nycmagic (Please notice adult Jesus over his shoulder)

But bext to the appendage-challenged Savior was Debrah! It was love at first sight. There was something beautiful about the slight lean of her body, almost like a dancer. I like how the legs tapered a bit and it just looked like a piece of art. I immediately snapped a pic and sent to Dustin with the text, "Cool or creepy?" His response was simply, "Both, but bring her home!" So, I place Debrah under my arm and held my head high as I walked home to strangely be offered more mannequins if I wanted by a neighbor. What a strange night!

It took a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with her. She sat in my room for awhile just leaned up against the wall. I thought about painting her a solid color which could pop on an accent wall, but she wouldn't have texture. It just didn't seem right. She was fancier than that. Hmm...

Ooh! What about Decopage?!?! (Mod Podge shout out!) That could be fun and give some texture but with what exactly? Paper? Fabric? How about black and white pictures of men?! (Not sure which one of us thought of it first, but Dustin Harder and I thought it would be a fun juxtaposition to the feminine shape). She's since become our pride and joy, besides our cat Muzzy of course. But, a truly original piece we now get asked about by guests all the time and love telling her story. And it's really all thanks to Jesus. #Foundbutnotlost

Welcome home, Debrah!

Designingly yours,


P.S. I was talking to my Mom about my Debrah project and she told me she had some mannequins that the church was going to get rid of and she was gonna try to send me. Well, it was gonna be like $200, so we settled on just the hands. Completely normal for your mother to send you a box of hands, right? Right?

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