Diamond in the Street!

On my list of "Reasons I love New York, towards the top (under amazing food and Broadway) the amazing "street finds" on any given day in this city is pretty spectacular. A street find is any diamond in the rough design element you come across either simply walking by or even renting an uber or haul and purposefully drive around, like I did in my first year in NYC circa 2007. It could be any design element that may have had a rough life and just needs TLC and a coat of paint or easy repair. I've found bookcases (made of solid wood), a hand-made computer desk (that I still have!), and this end table was accompanied by the sound of angels singing.

Slight exaggeration.

I think it was the fact it was in such good shape overall (you can see a decent size hole in the bottom drawer is the biggest repair needed), but the mid-century tapered legs, the dark color, and the perfect size. It was just meant to be in our apartment...and eventually in my D.I.O. hands! I then hit the pinterest to do research and the VERY first picture was this $180 accent table sold at Target that was perfect. I had to repair the drawer with some wood filler anyway, so this was the best solution to cover that up. And it just so happens I had a nice dark navy that would echo what I loved about this Target table and it was already in my house! Boom!

Then a little jaunt to Home Depot got me some hardware for about $4 (2 drawer pulls). I'm playing with really upping the mid-century ante with some glamour gold/bronze metallic paint on the legs like the 4th picture here. I'm thinking that will be in $7-10 dollar range. So, for under $15 this "trash" is going to be a treasure for our home. #DIOfortheWIN #proudofyourspace #furnitureupgrade


Designingly yours,


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