IKEA Kitchen Carts: From Bare to Beautiful!

Gotta love IKEA! The fun and funky design aesthetic, the incredible prices, AND THE MEATBALLS!!!

They are also not afraid of bright and bold colors, which I can AWLAYS get behind. #bebold

These carts, in their naked form, are not the prettiest things. I don't love the look of very light wood. It just tends to look cheaper to me at first glance. But with these carts come SO much possibility. And THAT is always in style! Dustin, my partner, always wanted a green kitchen so we used a saturated green (Talbot Palm from Shermin-Williams to be exact), I knew white would really pop on the green walls as well as. help lighten up and give the illusion of space in a very tight area, as we have a TRUE New York kitchen. A square with enough room for some cabinets, an almost-easy-bake oven, and a baby fridge. #dreams

I had also purchased some custom made floating shelves that came untreated so those could get the white paint too which would tie it all in together. And as far as stain, I chose a "Special Walnut" from Mini Wax (what made it special, I don't know). I then got a Water Based Polycrylic also from Mini Wax as well, to protect the surfaces of both carts. This was important cause so much is done on top of both surfaces.

So, all in all the materials to upgrade these carts were under $50 total (stain, 6 semi-gloss spray paint cans, polycrylic). Now, as far as the cars, the smaller square cart we inherited (FREE!), and the bigger one was $100. So, grand total would be about $150. This is for basically half of the storage in our kitchen, so it's an incredibly cost-effective deal for us and so useful in the tiny kitchen we call home to some delicious food. And the coats of protective polycrylic will help it last.

Now, I will say this was all incredibly time consuming only in the waiting between coats for all 3 elements: stain, paint, and polycylic. So, this was a DOUBLE weekend project. I did the stain and polycrylic for the top one weekend, and the white paint and polycrylic for the bottom the next.. I could do other things while the coats dried of course, but it did take 4 full days. The staining was a lot easier than I thought, though it was interesting that on both carts it came out different. The smaller one became much darker and browner, while the bigger one was lighter and more warm. Also, the polycrylic does involve sanding between coats, so that's another step to throw in the mix. Don't mean to deter you, just giving you a heads up. It's a process, but SO worth it. And a great sense of pride. #proudofyourspace

The inspiration for this kitchen was my partner Dustin. It was important to create a true "Master Control Center" for him as he is a personal chef and web series Host of The Vegan Roadie so he's always in there cooking or recipe testing. I wanted all the things he used often to be right in reach without having to go to our entryway pantry.

I'm very happy with it. And so is my chef!

Designingly yours,


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